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Thread: Free Bitme

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    Feb 2007
    Can i have one?

    My ratio;

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    I would greatly appreciate a bitme account. I have started learning about programming, and I would like lessons on different programming languages. I'm going to start with C#, but I don't know from there. Also I would like to expand my knowledge on photoshop. Especially since the new one came out. Has several new features including gif animation. I would be eternally grateful it you were to give it to me. Thank you for your generosity.

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    i would love one because i need it for my school and im also into fitness alot so it would help me out with bodybuilding

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    pm me ur email add...

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    Apr 2007
    hi..i am a university student in UK and wud mean a lot to me if u cud gimme that invite..wud make proper use of the privileges..learning is sharing

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    Hi please can i have one im doing my GCSE's (English Exams) in a week and im really looking for some revision so an invite to bitme would really help me alot for now and the future, thanks for your consideration... and a really nice giveaway

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