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Thread: Question about Czone

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    A couple months ago I traded with someone for his czone account, He gave me to username and login. When I I tried to change to the email on the account it said he needed to confirm the email change. He never did. after about 2 weeks I tried to loging using the password I changed to and it would not let me. So I asked the guy I traded with to recover the pass for me. This keeps happening about every 2 weeks. What should I do? Its getting really annoying to keep pming this guy to recover the password and he does not know how to change the email on the account, also I cant figure out how my pass keeps changing. if anyone has some ideas please post ty

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    change the email , you will recive an confirmation email on the old email wich you have to confirm and after that in the account you will have the new email adress.


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