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Thread: Why do people put chain letters in youtube comments? / funny video

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    Why the hell do people put chain letters in youtube video comments?! It annoys me that much I want to make a discussion about it. Like who the hell honestly believes in them. Do you think these are 13 year olds or what?

    My favorites are "THIS IS NOT A CHAIN LETTER IT REALLY WORKS..." and then some garbage about love or dying if you don't do it.

    An example of one I found on this funny video of a hockey kid fight for your enjoyment. 45 seconds+ I find hilarious.
    "Their most trivial action may mean volumes, or their most extraordinary conduct may depend upon a hairpin or a pair of curling-tongs" - Holmes

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    Probably the same people that starts those chain letter spamfests you've received in your email. The more popular the video, the more prevalent those annoying comments are.

    Although the real knuckleheads are those that actually fall for it and contributes to its propagation.

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    its the same people spamming blogs, groups, and other sharing sites out there. Get used to it.
    As long as .01 percent of people respond to or contribute to it, spammers will be around to profit from it or just to annoy.

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    Because they're fckin' retarded.

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    They have nothing better to do with their lives. It's sad. And pathetic.

    I use to get chain letters in my email inbox from people I know personally and I've always replied back saying how "fckin' retarded" they are and that they've done nothing but waste my time.

    Happens on MySpace occasionally...
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