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Thread: Set-up Leaseweb Seedbox

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    Well i took the plunge after reading up on seedboxes on this great forum.
    I went with this option;

    Now i can log in using REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION but im not sure what i need to do to set it up correctly.

    What i want to use it for is seeding/downloading torrents. So firstly i need to install Utorrent but im not sure how to. The IE didn't work so...
    After i have done that i need to know how to download the torrent.
    Then i need to know how to FTP stuff to and from the server.

    Any help would be amazing.

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    Install uTorrent
    Install WebUI
    Install FTP Server (like Serv-u or Filezilla)

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    Problem #1. How do i install Utorrent?
    When i log in using REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION and try and use the INTERNET EXPLORER, i cant access any web pages, ie utorrents webpage.

    Secondly, whats a WebUi? link?

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    Ok, thanks for the help so far guys but the main problem is the INTERNET EXPLORER isn't working. I'll go to type and adress in and it won't work. Any ideas?

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    IE should work out of the box.

    It's Windows 2003 right?

    If you can connect to your server through Remote Desktop, then I can't see why IE would not be working. :/

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    u just need to manually add allowed sites as u go it will come up as blocked just click add and then close and try again, best thing to do is install firefox

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    Ok, so this is the message im getting.

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    lose the IP from screen...

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    Just did. Any ideas?

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