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Thread: ScT invite,pls help poor gal

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    ym84's Avatar poor gal BT Rep: +2
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    Sep 2006
    Dearest members of Sct,

    for a long time, i am really hoping to get an invite to ScT, i know this is really pathatic, but, could someone would be kind enough to give me an invite?
    although i am rather new to torrenting, but for the pass 9 mth, i have been going to daily hoping that i would be lucky enough.. but neither this method nor requesting for invites works on other topic...

    all i could give is an invite and also would promise that i would not trade the account and also keep a good ratio..

    could someone pls make this gal alittle happie??

    heres screenshots of my ratio
    they always say that the best thingys in the world are free.. how i gotta agree with it

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    Jan 2007
    I dont mean to be rude........... but any guy can pretend to be a girl

    and lot of ppl will do anything for that invite.. just participate in the giveaways..
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