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Thread: NEWSLEECHER locking up pc

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    hi all

    im using 3.9 beta nad up until yesterday was fine now i keep getting an aplication error and when i try to d/l anything at the top of my d/l queue get a header called NODE and it just crashes my pc solid and i then have to press the power button to get my pc off this is the messages i get in the application error box

    Bug Data1:

    Bug Data2
    I/O error 32

    any ideas peeps?

    many thanks


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    You might want to uninstall it and try 3.8 for a bit.
    You could also report the error in their forums...

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    Saw this on the newsleecher forums:

    Uninstall NL
    Delete Directories:

    C:\Program Files\Newsleecher and
    C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application Data\Newsleecher

    Then reinstall NL.


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