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Thread: Tip for people who want to trade something for a seedbox.

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    Be more specific with your requests.

    • Mention if Leeware is ok with you or not (most people already do this).
    • Do you need Linux or Windows based seedbox? If Linux is ok, do you know how to use it?
    • Do you need access to it? Access means that you will have your own login/password and you can control the box. Or is access to uTorrent's WebUI or Torrentflux enough?
    • How much bandwidth are you planning to use? Leeware has unmetered bandwidth but it also equals to crap. Better providers will most likely have metered bandwidth, cap between somewhere between 500-5000GB.
    • How much HDD space do you need?
    • How long do you need the seedbox for?

    I think those are the most important things to mention..

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    Nice One ...

    Thanks Man ...


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