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Thread: Seedbox issue, help needed

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    Well, my friend gave me axx to his VPS, which has Debian 3.1 installed on. It has 40gb hdd, 1gb ram, 2TB of monthly bandwith etc etc. The most important thing - it has 100/100mbps

    There is a small problem though... I installed tightvnc, wine and uTorrent, also I'm able to run uTorrent, but whenever I try to set it up, as soon as I click Preferences, the server just makes a memory dump and that's it
    I really don't know what's causing that, I think it might has to do something with the OS or wine's compatibility with the OS.

    Any information will be well appreciated, cause not utilising 100mbps is such a shame

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    why not try another torrent client. something like ktorrent it even has deb packages so piece of piss to install and looks similar to utorrent.

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    I love uTorrent cause of the WebUI, I'll need that. If I can't fix the issue ktorrent is my backup Anyways, I searched on google for some info regarding this issue, and I saw in uTorrent's forums that updating wine fixed the issue. I'll see in a few hours if wine is the reason for uTorrent crashing.
    Thx for the suggestion


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