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Thread: "Pausing" torrents in Azureus

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    Hi all. Occasionally, I have to move my PC setup room to room. Occasionally my PC slows to a crawl after being on for days, requiring a reboot. I'm trying to move/reboot without losing my seeding rank in Azureus, and without losing my upload stats since the last update to the trackers.

    Is there an easy way to do this?

    I've "paused" all the torrents on one occasion then "resumed" after moving, but I'm not sure if that did the trick. Should I manually update to each tracker before disconnecting/rebooting?

    On a related note, what does it mean to "exit my client properly". I've seen it in all the FAQs. Does this mean just going File>Exit in Azureus? Will this update all the active torrents before closing?

    Thanks in advance for the help on the noob questions.

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    its not possible, Once you stop seeding you loose your place in the queue.

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    Exiting Azureus through the file menu, or via the taskbar icon (assuming you're on Windows) is exiting "properly," and the client will announce a stopped event on all your torrents to the tracker(s). That will also announce your stats, so you don't have to worry about exiting the client that way.


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