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Thread: Adding torrents to WebUI

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    I'm not quite sure how to add torrents from torrent trackers that require to login, like TL or OiNK. I tested the PC from a torrent that came off a public site, and it was doing great...
    But before I start using it with private trackers, I want to know how to properly put the torrent files in WebUI.

    Thank you for the replies

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    will be fine with most trackers just dl the torrent to your desktop and open it. Just a few don't let you..e.g.


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    I tried to do that with TL, and the torrent didn't started.
    I was wondering about the url import + the cookies. I don't know how WebUI wants me to put the cookies from my pc there

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    just save torrent to desktop and just add the torrent to webui.. u dont need to add anything in cookies or url

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    I tried that today again... and for an odd reason, it actually worked. Yesterday it didn't work, and I guess that was probably because TL was ddos'ed.
    Anyways, it worked, and that's what it matters

    I have one more question... I can't view the peer list via WebUI? Or I need to login via vnc to do that?

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    yep vncviewer for that

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    I'm worried about one thing though... I'm logged in from my IP at my house, so I download the torrent with my IP address.
    And when I actually download the torrent, I'm doing that from my box (which of course has a different IP), so is that ok with private trackers?
    I heard that I'll be fine unless I leech torrents from 2 IP's at the same time.

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    You'll be fine, more and more people use servers. Drop a pm to a member of staff to inform them that you'll be using a server. No harm in being polite.

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    Thank you for the suggestion I'll PM one of the mods on the sites that I use.


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