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Thread: Help with leeware

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    hi, i finally decided to try the lw box, don't know if i like
    it cuz it didn't work for more than a few hours, i installed using the walkthrough i found here which was great, but it hasnt been connecting for over 12 hours now, at first i though its down for everybody but ive realized that it's just me.
    when i try to connect through putty i get this msg "server unexpectedly closed network connection", what does that mean?
    when i try through a VPS viewer, nothnig happens, i see the connecting quese forever. so what do i do?
    i figured u should sent an email to the leeware support, but is that a problem
    since my acc is full of downloaded torrents and movies?

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    yeah its ok email them and ask them to sort it out, they will reset it or somthing,

    theres a good chance this will happen quite often as there not the best to be honest

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    don't worry, have the same problem here

    i guess everyone have this problem at least every 2 days

    not impressive...

    also, sometimes my upload falls to 10 KB/s, but sometimes i top 2 MB/s

    very variable speed...!

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    i got the problem, does it mean i need to email them. i got the message failed to connect to the server.


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