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Thread: My invites/trade

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    This is the 1st time iv posted my invites/trade's so i hope my post will be ok. If not let me know where i gone wrong. On offer iv got:

    TL (4 invites)
    Revtt ( 3 invites)
    torrents for all (account 9.9GB buffer)
    BTzone (account 1GB & 0GB down, 5 weeks old)
    acid-lounge (2 invites)
    pisexy (Account 3.16GB up & 865.42 MB down, 6 weeks old)

    Im willing to put 3/4 of them together if some1 makes me a offer for a invite to one of the better sites , the sort of sites that interest me at the mo are:


    But il listen to all offers

    I know i prob wont even get a Sct invite, but i dont think there is any harm in asking lol... Well if any1 could post a offer here or PM me i would be great full

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    So any1 please offer me some good sites n help a noob get to the better sites

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    This would not be the best way to go about getting those invites. Account/invite trading is prohibited on most of those sites, as your reputation as a trader grows, torrent tracker doors close.

    PM me if your interested in one of the above.
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