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Thread: Best Music Making Software?

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    what the title says, cheers
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    if you're asking for help, it may be a good idea to give us a little more information.

    but anyways, i would recommend Cakewalk or Adobe SoundBooth CS3 both for ease of use and the number of features.

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    DJ J__
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    Give "Reason 3.0 " a try. its a little bit advanced (complicated) But Powerful.

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    As a sound technician you would have to be more descriptive, if you are just having fun putting loops together and don't want to get to technical I would suggest Acid by Sony, or Reason 3.0 if you have a midi keyboard or like would like more features.

    By far the best and most widely excepted sound software would be protools, if you are going to be editing recordings or anything on a professional level I wouldn't go with anything else... then again it is what I grew up with.


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