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Thread: WinXP HELP!

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    I installed Microsoft.Windows.XP.Professional.N.Corporate.SP2. Integrated.April.2007-ETH0 and there is all of this talk about WGA Validation. This is my first time using XP, I was on win2k pro with a legit CDkey before now. Everybody seems to be using the WGA Validation. Do I need to use this to continue using winxp? And if I do, how do I figure out how many days I have left until winxp won't work for me? How do I know which WGAV I need?

    Also, a couple of other things that aren't so important... Is there anyway to get the windows task manager to minimize to systray and systray only? In Win2k this wasn't a problem. Now in XP, if you run taskmgr.exe in your startup, it will only minimize to your start menu. I figured out that you have to close it and reopen it with ctrl+alt+esc and then minimize it and it'll minimize to the systray AND the start menu... And the last thing, is there a way to get the windows classical search when you go to start>search>files or folders? I'm trying to avoid clicking through all of the search options every time and just have windows save my search options..


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    there should be a folder called etho on the cd just run the installer in there and you will have the latest version of wga.

    for the takmanager problem open it and go to options and tick hide when minimized.

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    Will I constantly have to update my WGA? Or will the one from the CD make me good to go forever?

    taskmgr.exe: I have it hide when minimized, but it still shows up on my start menu.

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    Use Rockxp and change the key ,problem solved .

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    Since the XP you have is updated to April 2007, all you have to do is visit "auto patcher" google it. This site keeps a running update of all critical updates each month. So go get mays (QMUP - Quick Monthly Update Packs) and install it. I recommend keeping a folder with the ones you downloaded and installed so you can keep track, you don't want to skip a month updating this way but you will never have to go to the MS site again and will not have to worry about validation.


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