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Thread: Quick way to convert from AVI to MPEG2?

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    It seems like a lot of stuff thats interesting is in AVI form, and I'd rather watch them from my couch, you know? I have a converter, but it just takes so long...Is there anyway to convert AVIs to DVD playable files quickly? I have a G4 with Mac OS X.

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    there is no physical way to make conversions faster. algorithms can only operate at a certain speed. if the converter works and converts properly, you will just have to be patient and watch the little green bar go by.

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    I dont know much about software for macs but Cinema Craft Encoder is pretty quick, about 5-10 minutes for a one hour avi in CBR one pass mode.

    The other option is to buy a dvd player that supports avi formats like divx and xvid. Phillips and Magnetbox makes some and are around 50 USD.

    CCE and Tmpenc convert avi's into mpeg2 files but CCE is alot faster for a given CPU but video quality can differ.


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