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Thread: need advice on what to buy that will work for torrent engines

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    hey all im having some problems with utorrent where it says a firewall is blocking incoming connections.i have a westell 6100 modem and was told that it contains a built in firewall and the company wouldnt help me so im thinking my only alternative would be to buy a new modem can anybody tell me what modems i could buy that would work.the internet service provider i have is verizon dsl.i also have a linksys befsr41 version 3 router.please let me know if that should be replaced as well.any help would be greatly appreciated because i have been stuck with this problem for months.



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    Theres no need to do that, you can just forward the ports on your router and it should be fine. Go to and select your router from the list and follow the instructions. Your modem wont have a firewall built in however your router will.

    Also you should make sure windows firewall isnt blocking utorrent. Either disable it or add the ports youve forwarded on your router and that your using for utorrent to the exceptions list.


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