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Thread: Problems connecting with Altbinz. Help Please?

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    Hi guys Im new here to the forum. Hoping someone could help me out here. Heres my problem. Ive dloaded and install altbinz and set it up using the guide on this site. I have a newshosting account. I dlaoded the nzb for War of the worlds today and it started dloading super fast. After an hour or so I started to see this message on all my connections. denied to your node. Has anyone ever had this problem? I was about 38% complete when this happened. I tried changing the ports but nothing has worked. Also tried other nzbs and still the same problem. Any info and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Magnus

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    Who is your account with?

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    My account is with Do you think that is the reason? Ive been hearing good things about giganews.

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    I would not think thats the issue. are you on a plan where you can only download a certain amount each month? if so maybe you went over the limit.

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    No I bought the unlimited for 19.99. I only dloaded about 38% of that nzb which was only 3gigs. Its just plain weird. I also emailed there support team but no one has gotten back to me since yesterday. Thanks for the quick replys!

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    Yeah I would definitely complain and let them know your service is not working properly. Sorry I could not help further.

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    Does your ISP limit downloads? You might check their terms of service and see if they cap how much you're allowed to download.

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    Thanks for the replys guys. Newshosting emailed back and they fixed the problem. I have another quick question that I hope someone can answer. My friend just joined usenet and is using altbinz to dload stuff. Last night he tried to dload war of the worlds and sin city and they finished 100% complete. The problem is they didnt auto unrar and when he tried manually they said the files were broken. The weird thing is I dloaded off the same exact nzbs and they worked perfect for me. Would this be a diffrence in and usenet .com or some other problem? We have both the same settings in altbinz program. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Magnus

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    At a guess yes. Use the pars.
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    whats the pars?

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