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Thread: Best eMule or eDonkey for Mac OS X

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    Right first off i wanna say i've got a MAC OS X 10.3.9 not a 10.4.

    so my question to you guys is what is the Best eMule or eDonkey for Mac OS X 10.3.9?

    I thought there's no one better to ask then you guys at filesharingtalk.
    It's just that when i got my first torrents client it was pretty crap and had it for few months before i finally got Azureus for the mac.
    So to save me the trouble i thought i would ask for sum advise for the people in the know.

    Thanx Guys

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    I have the same question! From what I have heard there isn't one, but I hope someone will prove me wrong

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    Yea would be helpful i need some stuff from eMule to download next week! bump bump

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