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Thread: seedbox & webserver

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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking at getting a dedicated server to use as a seedbox but being a noob i have a few quick questions

    1. i am looking at a leaseweb express server - if i wanted to host some websites and send/receive emails from the server would i need an email server or just apache ?

    2. if leaseweb get raided by the police could there be any come back to me for the contents of the hard drive (copyrighted material) ?

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    i thought leaseweb was the best place to host because it is never raided by the police, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KFlint View Post
    i thought leaseweb was the best place to host because it is never raided by the police, right?
    So i believe, but say for example it wasn't leaseweb that i used or unlikely as it is, what if they did get raided ?
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    Then i would make sure the contents of your hard drive has been encrypted.

    Then again i doubt leaseweb will let you use it on a shared server.

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    You could quite easily just have utorrent and your downloads folder in a drivecrypt [virtual] partition on leaseweb, and then have forced encryption enabled in utorrent. It would make your speeds suffer, but they would have no evidence that you did anything illegal.

    That being said, the chances of police in The Netherlands raiding the server are slim to none, and assuming you don't live in The Netherlands, the chances of the police being able to do anything to you are actually none.

    Anyway, if you want to use it as a web/mail server, you'd probably find it more useful to get a Linux box someplace, in which case you could use Apache for webserving and something like Sendmail or Postfix for email. Its far betting than using Apache or IIS on Windows and something like Exchange for mail.


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