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Thread: Can i have an invite to TL?

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    can you give me free?
    i have only demonoid invite or TD invite to give and i don't think that anyone need it... here is my Email:

    Thank you very much!!!

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    Do you still look for???
    I will send you one wait.
    Invite successful!
    A confirmation email has been sent to the address you specified (
    They need to read and respond to this email before they can use their account.
    If they don't do this, the new account will be deleted automatically after a few days.

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    Didn't I give you an invite few weeks before?

    You also got another invite at this thread.

    The account which you registered has been disabled for cheating and now I have received a warning for inviting a cheater.

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    Click here if you want to join TTC

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    Thx for the info redMonster. I don't mind giving away invites. I have lots of invites but it seems that you can't never trust people. I gave a Bit-HDTV invite 2 weeks ago and I just checked and the guy has downloaded 46.2 gigs and uploaded 1.4gigs. The sad part is that it is so easy to seed there and there is a bonus system that gives you points just for seeding. It goes by hr and you can easily buy upload credit with that.


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