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Thread: Need BitMeTv invite please

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    hey guys,

    today morning, I wake up and find that my account has been disabled. It seems one of the guys I invited (my classmate) got banned for bad ratio (seems he never uploaded at all). I already had a warning for inviting a cheat.

    I had 100 Gb uploaded, but heck nothing to do now. Can someone please offer an invite?

    I have TL and TD invites to give away. And u can check out my ratios here:



    cheers guys,

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    I have 6 BitmeTV invites. However that's one of the reasons why I can't invite you sorry. I will only invite people I really know and trust now. I invited 3 people and 1 got banned.

    Not risking it again. Same with Oink!

    A lot of people here ask for accounts and invites and is not to use them but to trade them. Pretty lame. That's why inviters pay the price.

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    Go irc and ask them to get back.
    They dont ban people for inviters.
    They ban only your invited people.
    I think you did bad thing, if you dont do anything wrong they will give your acc back.

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    can you give me the irc details please?

    They had already warned me when I invited one cheater from here. So, I stopped giving invites to anyone else I dont know.

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    Good luck mate

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    thanks mate trying my luck now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by flamy View Post
    thanks mate trying my luck now...
    Goodluck Bro hope u get it back...Im looking for an account too but what they said is true it's very hard to find an invite now because of some people cheats and irresponsible for the invites. we are all affected by those Fu**ing cheaters. maybe someday I make myself trusted to get some invites. Goodluck again Bro.
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    ah man, no one is replying on that channel will try again tomorrow.


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