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Thread: Vice City Help.... S O S

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    This is my first post this mission was a little hard. Fisrt you need to know how to control the Skimmer you first pull up into the air to stay in the air move the analog stick up and down while holding X the just fly to the checkpoints.

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    i couldnt even get the plane to fly..i beat the game and all the missions except that one and the one after it...

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    Originally posted by doodiktedgy@9 June 2003 - 12:28
    and i finished all the checkpoints but nothing happends....
    Be lucky you got that far!

    I'm stuck on this mission! Evertime I try the turn the damn thing goes strait dooowwwnnn. Its hard to steer the Skimmer for me.

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    it took me a quite a few tries but i let it get a long start and went under a bridge before i took off and i was able to get enough speed to stay aloft pretty easily i collided with a building or too.

    the race for malibu club is much harder

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    Actually its not...complete all the sunshine auto missions and get the hotring racer..then park the hotring racer close to the washington beach bridge. You will fly past hillary


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