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Thread: Slipknot

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    Originally posted by soma@10 June 2003 - 08:22
    There goes 1 hell of a good band
    Hell yeah!

    murderdolls is joey's new band by the way. They kick ass)

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    murderdolls u say...ill have to check them out.

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    you will thouroughly enjoy murderdolls!

    in 1976-6-6 i was born a bastard and a son of a b*tch!

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    i remember reading somewhere the guy named grey got caught with coke.. anyway i hate slipknot, and stonesour.. pretty crappy metal.
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    STUPID DRUGS they are bad for ya

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    none of the members mentioned are leaving their bands. maynard&#39;s work with a perfect circle is only a side project. his main band is still tool (and probably always will be). as far as slipknot, stone sour has been around twice as long as slipknot. so it is technically corey&#39;s original band, but for now it is just a side project to him. he is still working with slipknot full-time, and nothing has been said about anyone leaving the band.

    p.s....where do these rumors get started?

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    thats good nobody is leavin

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    That&#39;s cool about Reverend Maynard (damn I wanna change my name to Reverend... Reverend Soma ), Maynard&#39;s songwriting abilities are superb. His lyrics are so thoughtful. Now I&#39;m confused. We still have a Slipknot or not?? Nobody&#39;s leaving the band so we still get some more Slipknot goodness.;re crazy. Slipknot completely redefined metal for the better and I don&#39;t think any band out there will even come close to topping Corey Taylor&#39;s dark vocals and Slipknot&#39;s compromising music.

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    Right Slipknot facts:

    Shawn(clown) up in drug trials and shit found with cannabis afew years ago now with needles.

    Paul same sort of thing but crashed a car doing it.

    Corey and Jim doing Stone Sour

    Joey in Murderdolls

    Mick and Jim(James) starting a Guitar album (one day)

    Sid doing dance festivals e.g gatecrasher (he is good)

    All the band are still together a new album due later this year.

    Muderdolls kick ass but stone sour suck.

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    i met Slipknot at at Virgin Megastore 3 years ago.
    (hides his face in embarassement)
    they were pricks&#33;

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