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Thread: How Good Are Vectoral Servers?

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    Ok, after I lost my bastofdata account, I was going to get a vectoral server.

    What i want to know is these things:
    1. What are the speeds like?
    2. has anyone ever lost there account on there bedcause of torerenting? And if so, do they check often?

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    From what I have heard so far, Vectoral has the BEST speeds. Always maxing your connections and they are widely used for torrenting. If you are thinking of going with Vectoral you will NOT be disappointed. They are top-notch.

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    Yup, Vectoral is amongst the best. Leaseweb is great too.

    Anyways, you can easily max out your Vectoral box.

    Another great plus is that Vectoral's staff is top notch. They answer support tickets quickly and they are very polite.

    I haven't ever heard of Vectoral shutting down someone's server because of torrenting.

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    ok, thanks guys. Was hoping to get 1 this Monday after I get money put in the bank.

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    I would certainly recommend one, as I have one with them. My only word of warning is make sure you get one with a hard drive big enough for whatever it is you plan on doing with it. Most of the servers that Vectoral offers have small drives.

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    Vectoral Servers are really good , but if you are wanting on you might be a bit out of luck as according to their site they only have two different types of server in stock. But depends on what you want.
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    I see good speeds from my server at leaseweb, i've downloaded from 1 box at 11MB/s (yes, megabytes per second) so I can only assume they have a great network and nice hardware.


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