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Thread: Best Flieshare Programs.

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    shareaza....had problems at first with disappearing downloads...tried it again and its the only one i bother with

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    Direct Connect, If you have the hard drive(s) for it.

    It is really simple if you are not looking for anything specific (spam searches Kazaa lite)

    If it is new nad you need it Direct connect, once you find out what the filename is.

    If you just can't find it and are not in a hurry - edonkey/emule.

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    I have to go with the BEK combination here.

    BitTorrent as your first choice for popular large files, esp. movies
    eMule for less popular large files, e.g. CD image files
    Kazaa for small files, including music

    For the first two, I'd suggest you frequent ShareLive


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