Hello everybody,

This is not one more thread like I have ScT 100MB buffer or TL 2TB buffer.
This is not one more thread I really really NEED FTN pleaseeee....

Those 4 months that I am a member here I have understand that if you try to get a FTN invite by just offering huge buffers you must have a lot of luck. I can make crazy buffers too! I have a perfect connection (University - GEANT2) but I don't like this, itís not deserved and I don't have the time to do this.
For example, I have a 13 GB FB buffer just in one week old acc and just by downloading stuff I really interested and NOT by downloading ANY file that I found there just for seeding.
I have a 41 GB buffer at TT too. From the other hand my TB acc (120 weeks OLD!!!) has 256 GB up and 110 GB down... This is because I download ONLY what I need!
Finally, I believe that this is not the type of members (crazy over seeders/traders) that FTN wants (maybe I am wrong).

The best way to get it is the simplest way. Just get an invite from a friend. And when I am saying invite I mean INVITE! A FTN member invites you because he/she believes that you will be a good member and you will fit with the community there.

If someone wants the TT and FB buffered accounts for the FTN invite she/he may have them BUT not as a trade, as a gift! From the other hand I am SURE that if you understand my point you DONT want those accounts.

BEST regards

P.S. I will lock this tread. If you have something to say just PM me