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Thread: Looking for an alternative to Shareaza

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    I've had enuff... I'm looking for an alternative to Shareaza...

    All I can say is that after running Shareaza and almost FLAWLESSLY with XP SP2 and only recently downloading the Beta version...

    I was previously REGULARLY getting download speeds in excess of 1 Meg/sec and now to have it reduced to less than 10 freakin' KB a sec with the Beta Version I am not at all amused... ESPECIALLY when you can't just uninstall the Beta and reinstall an earlier version as the Beta version apparently alters the Incomplete downloaded files so that they can not even be recognized by earlier versions of Shareaza...

    In short the New Beta Version is a pile of crap and is to be avoided like the plague...

    *sighs* nothing I can do about it now except look elsewhere for a DECENT P2P proggy that delivers what it promises and warn ANYONE AND EVERYONE I can to avoid Shareaza in future (a proggy i always used to like and used have links to the download site at both my business and personal sites, my blog and my own Forum - but NO MORE - I'll be removing them TODAY - and replacing them with the reason why I NO LONGER will recommend Shareaza to ANYONE!!!)

    I dunno what the Developers of the Beta Version got for their efforts - but I hope it was Life plus 20 Years!!!!

    Soooo... *puff* *pant* *puff* ... anyone wanna recommend a WORKING freeware proggy that handles both Gnutella and EDonkey P2P as well as torrents... ????

    I would prefer spyware and adware free but that is not a pre-requesite as by using Zone Alarm and Spybot Search and Destroy you can get rid of most of that crap the first time you run an infected proggy...

    Soooo... Any suggested alternatives to Shareaza's latest BOTCHED offering????

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    limewire/frostwire handle gnutella and BT

    you can resume your downloads in shareaza2.0.X.X by researching for the file, download til you get the tigertree hash (once youre queued on other shareaza clients) pause the download, swap out the partials then rehashing it (advanced options)


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