Let's just say that I have received amazing invites here for free. Without strings attached.

Yep, if you paid attention, I used to have an account in SweDVDR, but got scammed out of it. Actually I had the account for a couple of weeks but then the original owner told the admins how someone had stolen his account. So word of advice is in place here; be careful when trading your swedvdr _accounts_.

Now when I'm reading how SweDVDR is closing its doors indefinitely till autumn, I'm really eager get in there again. It's one of the greatest DVDR sites all trackers around the world has to offer.

So... if you happened to be in possession of 40 extra bonus points, for which you don't have any specific use for, then please, consider using the points for an invite and contacting me. I know you can chop off a few downloaded gigs for those points or use them (wisely?) in softbet, but make an exception, as now the invites will become unusable anyways.

If you feel like making one dude happy, then send me a PM.

Of course if you are into trading, you probably can get greater things for it opposed to giving it for free, but in case you already have all trackers you can imagine of needing, then consider giving the invite for me.