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Thread: nod 32 prob

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    Hi,I have a prob with my nod32. Everything has been fine for ages then today it started coming up with a box saying:-
    Error occurred while updating program modules (Cannot replace current file. Check the system TEMP and TMP variables.)
    I uninstalled then reinstalled Nod but I still get the same.
    What is it on about and where are these variables?

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    I don't use Nod32 but by checking their website you get this :

    Possible reasons:

    1. the TMP and TEMP system variables are not defined in the system, or the directories to which they point do not actually exist on disk
    - please make sure the aforementioned variables in System properties - Advanced - Environment variables actually point to existing directories.

    2. the file \Program files\Eset\nod32.000 is corrupted for some reason (e.g due to a disk error)
    - check the disk for errors using scandisk (Win 9x/ME) or chkdsk (Win NT/2000/XP/2003)
    - rename the file nod32.000 (you might need to restart Windows in Safe mode first)
    - reboot the machine (you'll get an error loading resident protection, just ignore it)
    - update NOD32
    - reboot the machine

    3. the file \Program files\Eset\nod32.000 is locked by another application
    - rebooting the machine and try to update NOD32 again

    Link : http://nod32.softwaresecuritysolutio....html#updating

    I looked under error list by the way .
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    Thanks mate, got that one sorted now. Seems I got rid of the Temp folders somehow and so put them back and that works fine now.
    Alas I still have another prob, now when I try to update it goes through the servers till it gets to and then after a minute it comes up with Server connection failure! I know its not a firewall cos I've tested that. Just don't know wot it could be.


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