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Thread: playing x264 mkv on xbox360

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    i was wondering if anyone has managed to play hd content (x264) on a xbox360 using media center extender features.

    i already use transcode360 to play avi but sometimes it takes some time to have enough buffer, not bad though.

    i never even watched hd content on my pc so i little help would be appreciated here


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    Sorry I don't have answer to your question. However, since I'm ignorant on this entire subject, let me tell about my setup since you might able to help me.

    Right now I download divx/xvid shows using bittorrent then transfer them to a USB key. I either watch the shows on my laptop at work or on my big screen using the Phillips DVP-5960 DVD player. The DVD player has a USB port and it upconverts to HD.

    The problem is I want even better and more efficient.

    I do have a 360 wired to my router along with my PC. The 360 is connected to my big screen.

    Is there anyway to play my AVIs straight from my PC through the 360 so I can see the video on my big screen? Also will the 360 upconvert the video to HD like my DVD player does?

    This will eliminate me even transferring files to my USB.

    Also I have tons of ripped DVDs (about a terabyte's worth). I would love to play those movies straight from my PC to my big screen downstairs instead of burning the movies. Is this possible? The only reason I would really wanna burn movies is for vacation or for friends.

    Any help is appreciated and I apologize for not having an answer to your question.

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    to play avi on xbox360, here is my setup

    PC with Windows Media Center Edition
    xbox360 (but you can use any Media Center Extender device, there is a bunch on the market)

    both are plugged in my router with a cable, wifi 802.11g isn't fast enough for streaming video

    my avi's are stored on my pc hd, nothing on my xbox 360.

    since media center on xbox360 only play wmv and mpeg, you have to install Transcode 360 on your PC to convert live avi to mpeg, this features will be add to media center. It's really fast, you don't have to wait many minutes to buffer enough data, only 4 to 6 seconds is enough.

    i heard that you can do something similar without a media center pc, but not as clean.

    i love this setup, but now, i want to play HD on it!

    hope this help


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