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Thread: How to install Lame MP3 v3.97?

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    May someone please tell me how to? I double clicked the lame exe file but virtual dub cant recognize it...

    nvm i found out how..
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    I had a problem with V Dub even with the lame codec installed correctly. I read that windows media player or the fraunhoffer codec (I can't remember for sure which one) had changed a registry entry so that your bitrate choices in V Dub were greatly limited (mp3 bitrates 55kbps and lower). It all revolved around a change from l3codeca.acm being used instead of l3codecp.acm in system32.

    The answer (get back higher bitrate choices) was to make sure that l3codecp.acm was at least available in the Sytem32 directory and if it wasn't download and put it there. Then you have to make a small registry change to point to it at [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\windows NT\Current Version\Drivers32] there you will see a line msacm.l3acm that points to C:\WINDOWS\System32\l3codeca.acm and you need to change it (Modify) to point to C:\WINDOWS\System32\l3codecp.acm and you will get your bitrates back.


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