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Thread: Can a friend seed for me?

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    I was thinking to give my account to a friend of mine... to seed for me in a known big tracker.

    My question is what is the safest to do because he has a really fast connection 10MBit upload or something and he is in different IP range than me.

    Is ok to log-out and just give him my account to log-in and seed a torrent from his HDD?


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    I've been logged into ScT and Oink at the same time from 2 places 7 time zones apart. (one at home, one on seedbox) and I wasn't warned or banned.

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    i had the same question!isn't it maybe better just to give the torrent file?

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    I see

    and if only give him my .torrent file from that tracker with my hash is this possible (without giving him my account(not a problem he is a good friend)) or it's better to log in the site.

    Thnx for your quick answer.

    Edit: GaleaNatur ask the same while I was writing
    sostos :-)
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    i have used ALL of my sites(ILT BN BS TL) on my seedbox(seeding) and at home(downloading) at the same time no prob

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    Yes most isp have dynamic ip ranges so u wil have no problem uploading from a different comp aslong as u dont try connecting from both both computers at the same time.
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