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Thread: I need invites to OiNK, music-vids, and general 0day...

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    I was very satisfied with TB, but they have recently been having some ddos attacks that pretty much put them out of business. After this happened I searched for an alternative and found TL. I'm very happy with TL and TB, however TB is down and has been for a long time. I was looking for another alternative in case anything happens to TL. I don't know what tracker would be most similar to TB and TL, but I am assuming I'll need an invite regardless of where it's at. Please invite me

    I'm also looking to get into OiNK and music-vids... I could use some invites there as well

    Here are ALL of my stats to every tracker I'm currently a member of as of 5/22/07


    Also, please note: my up/down on TL and hdbits are low because I've only been a member for 8 days, but my ratios are still good...

    I have nothing to trade in return for these invites other than rep points My connection is 20mbit/5mbit...

    Any and all invites are very much welcome. I appreciate all of the help I can get. Thanks.
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    how about if u like it pm me & i'll send the invite code
    and there are TD i think they still open the signup if they didn't i'll send
    invite just pm my
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    I have Music-Vids, just pm me with your email.

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    Got all three that I was looking for. Thanks for all the help!


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