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Thread: anyone can help me setyp a second ip on linux

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    i would like to setup my second ip on my linux box running centOS in order to have 2 utorrents on different IPs.

    Can anyone help me on this?


    edit : ok i managed to install the ip on the box, this part was easy.

    after connecting to my box with my new ip, i did set in each utorrent instance those two variables in advanced properties : net.bind_ip and net.incoming_ip to the right values

    but i'm still being unconnectable on my second instance, no matter which port i try, i see that the port is correctly open but still have the warning sign at the bottom of utorrent saying "no incoming connection"

    i'm kinda lost with this problem....maybe i'll just give up if i have no answer and run one utorrent for two users, which isn't the perfect solution...
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    In KDE, Go to Start/System Settings/Network
    Click New, then choose Ethernet Connection, choose your network card, put in new IP/Mask/Gateway. Done.
    Then just activate the new profile you created. You should be able to connect to your server from the 2nd IP afterwards.

    EDIT: hmm, it should work, as mine is . The "no incoming connection" will change to green when someone makes a connection to you, which will take awhile when utorrent first starts. I use random ports without problem, what port to use isn't an issue in linux. Are you not able to d/l u/l at all with the utorrent using the 2nd IP? or is it just the incoming connection issue?

    And also, just to make sure, you mean net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip, right? I don't see any net.incoming_ip...

    Good luck.
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    thx man, everything is fine now


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