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Thread: CheggIt needed

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    Hello boys and girls As the thread title states, I need a CheggIt account/invite (I'm not sure if there are any invites there). I can offer RevTT and TL invites in return, although I'm pretty sure you already have them
    I can also provide SS's from other trackers if needed, and a statistics SS from my recently acuired seedbox. That's about it, hoping to get some replies
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    what is this site ?

    Do not pm me requesting for invites as i have none to spare
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    Erm, I need an opinion from you guys... I'm a member of PureTnA as well, and I love the packs there, does CheggIt have packs like that?
    Oh and also, I have BC invites, in case anyone wants to trade.

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    whats bc?

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    No one here has CheggIt?

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    i can offer my old account (bored of porn? :-o ) for a bc invite - pm me

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    the site opens one day a week for sign-ups, just check the main page

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    i have it

    its ok i guess

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