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Thread: HELP! I procrastinated a project and now i need to convert vob to mpg by tomorrow!

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    Ok everyone,

    Im doing a biography project in ELA over here at LHS....anyway,
    I have an interview of my person on my computer that 1gig and its a vob file and i want to kiss some ass to get a good grade and so i want to include the interview in the project, but every time i try to burn the file to a dvd with nero (and some others), it does not work ( i have a thread containing my nero log from that somewhere around here), so im just going to convert it to mpg or something of the sort and give her my flash drive (eeeek),
    ok so down to my question,
    off the top of your head, do you guys know about any free software or with a free trial (that doesnt leave a hideous watermark) because i just need it for this one thing,

    I have avex, but no key, can anyone help on that???

    now i have to go rush and complete my bio..................


    Oh yeah, and i have dial up, so small downloads arebest, but i really want a key to avex, if anyone has one they can share PM me......

    Thanks everyone.
    And dont procrastinate.

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    convertxtodvd will do the job. Just go to pretty much any bittorrent site and type that. It will convert pretty much anything to a format playable on standard dvd players and then burn it to dvd

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    I currently have ConvertXtoDVD on my pc,
    But it leaves a huge watermark smack in the middle of the screen, and the video is an interview and its blocking all faces as they stay in the same place the whole time......

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    Have you tried sound recorder?
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    Xilisoft video converter 3
    works great for just about anything

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    If you just need the sound of the interview then change the VOB extention to MPG and load it into GoldWave (free program) then save it as WAV or MP3.

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    you can also try to compile the video using dvdshrink, and then burn the image it creates. (sorry if you have tried this already). or you can try pgcedit as well, great program, helped me a lot to burn a double layer dvd.


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