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Thread: fxp boards

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    i was just wondering , is the fxp scene still alive ?
    (i am not asking about the top sites & dumps, just for the fxp boards)

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    Same as me i am looking for somewhere where i can find ftp servers etc, like forums or something


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    the fxp scene still alive
    not so much boards like couple year ago but still many of them

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    After signing up you will see the English section in the forums. There are a lot of 0day ftp servers. Speed isn't very good, but the pre. are good.
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    thanks checking it out...

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    I've just done my first scan for ftp's using grim's ping and i've been seeing stuff about wingates ive got hundreds of results but one of them is called a wingate engine! What is a wingate engine anybody tell me?


    One of em is good aswell windows & linux os's and loads of software for each it's in the perms.log aswell which is supposedly the one that gets used don't know im still learning!

    I've now found a chapter on wingates
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    anyone that knows some others sites like that Ivanov is talking about?


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