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Thread: Resize windows partition without losing everything?

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    Hello kids,

    This may be stupid but oh well,

    My windows xp install is so messed up (i cant bur anything at all, and wtf is the run.dll error i get during start up) and filled with useless crap,
    im just going to call it a day and install xp again.

    But i dont want to lose the stuff on my pc i actually need (about 60 gig worth) but back up is hard for me because i dont have any extra hard drives for that pc, and the 3 hard drives i do have are less than 10 gig,
    So is ther anything available that will help me resize the windows partition (more than half of it is not used) on my 150 gig hard drive to make about 40gig of room for another xp (or 2000) install without losing everything?


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    find/buy/rent external hard drive and backup your data. or burn it to disks if your system is still operational.

    believe me, just backup your data, then format, and make 2 partitions one smaller for system and one bigger for data, so you don't have same problems in the future

    if you are stubborn, partition magic can resize your partitions. but don't try to put xp on another partition, rather defragment current partition and resize it to smallest possible size, create new in empty space, format, transfer data into new partition and then format and reinstall windows over old one...
    but again, don't do it

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    Partition Majic sounds like your best bet..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorDork View Post
    Partition Majic sounds like your best bet..

    partition magic is cool!

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    Paragon_Partition_Manager ,this is great program
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