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Thread: Rapid Share/Reactor

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    Can someone please explain these two to me and the connection between them.

    What I Know: Or at least think I know

    RS: With a monthly payment you can get access to links that are sort of like torrents that you DL using a Prog. like Flashget.
    (Can Utorrent be used)

    RR: Don't really know what this is, but Ive heard it being compared to RS. I couldn't find my Ratio.So what there is no ratio like Torrenting.
    Are they links that come from RS, and do I use Flashget also.

    Please Help
    Thanx in Advance

    PS. I know this is prob. not the place, but I posted in a different section with no luck. I know a lot of you guys don't leave this section so I thought Id ask here.
    Its been awhile but I'm back... well sort of.

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    RS hosting company, RR indexes links for RS but small number of them.

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    RR is kind of a search engine for rapidshare files


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