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Thread: Copying HD DVD and Blu-ray discs may become legal; Sony sued over Blu-Ray

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    If a current licensing deal, that is in the final stages of negotiating, comes to fruition, consumers may soon have the right to make legal copies of their HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs:

    "The agreement, if supported by movie studios and film companies, could allow a consumer to make a backup copy in case their original disc is damaged and another copy for their home media server, said Michael Ayers, a representative of an industry group that licenses the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) copy-prevention system.

    The concept, called “managed copy,” would undercut one the strongest arguments against DRM technology, which critics say deprives buyers of their legal right to fair uses such as moving their content to other digital systems and devices.

    AACS LA is pushing the studios to support managed copy and offer consumers the option of making at least one copy, Ayers said.
    “We want to be able to maximize the number of movies that are able to be offered,” he said.

    The idea is that the content companies could charge a premium according to how many copies are allowed, Ayers said. It remains a possibility that consumers, if given the chance to make three copies of “Spider-man 2” could give those copies to their neighbors, which technically would qualify as low-volume piracy."

    More after the link.

    In related news, Sony is being sued by a company called Target for patent infringement over technologies relating to Blu-Ray:

    "The suit, which names Sony Computer Entertainment America, Sony Pictures, and Sony DADC, claims that products marketed under the Blu-ray name infringe on a patent it [Target] owns for reflective layer materials in optical discs. The patent addresses what Target called a need for specific types of silver-based alloys with the advantages (but not the price) of gold. According to the patent, the alloys are also more resistant to corrosion than pure silver.

    Target is seeking a permanent injunction"

    More after the link.

    Source: Copying of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs
    Homepage: Sony sued over Blu-Ray

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    good news for HD users

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHRST View Post
    good news for HD_users
    Oh, is that his screen name, I was wondering..?

    Quote Originally Posted by WHRST View Post
    good news for HD_users
    Oh, is that his screen name, I was wondering..?
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