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Thread: OMG - Linux dialup SUCCESS!!!!!

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    That's right I'm on the web with LINUX & dialup. 1st time ever!

    Those that know my struggle will understand.

    The deal is my previous ISPs must have not supported connecting with LINUX. Even though support said they did. Off with their heads. No I forgive them. But still canceling them.

    Anyways thanks to members & friends here & elsewhere. I can start the real learning of Linux.

    Oh, the distro I'm using is PCLinuxOS - 2007. Right now I'm using the LiveCD. I will install after I run around posting this in all my forums.

    Also must mention I'm using a US Robotics ext serial modem. After trying with a winmodem.

    I feel like I won a gold medal after all this frustration (2-3yrs).

    Thanks all!

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    lol i feel your pain.

    I spent about 3 months trying to get online with linux on a 56k modem. in the end i got braodband and a dsl router and didnt have to worry anymore since ethernet normally works straight away.


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