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Thread: Bad News

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    I can't believe that this is it for fairlight I downloaded my first game from them, medal of honor, yea It was about 2 years ago I think, I met so many cool guys over the net playing that game, you can't put a price on that sort of entertainment BUT WHAT GETS ME THOUGH is now that there gone no-one seems to give a shit. but even though this is the end for fairlight they'll leaving us with the feeling that somethings right in the world.

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    EDIT:...... nevermind

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    Originally posted by filestreamdottk@16 June 2003 - 23:56
    BUT WHAT GETS ME THOUGH is now that there gone no-one seems to give a shit.
    I know . i am one person that appreciates what they did.

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    Heh. I don't appreciate the creators of an impressive piece of software enough to actually pay for it, so why should I appreciate these guys?

    I mean, it's nice that they did what they did, but I'm not going get all mushy and feel bad about them going away...

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    That sucks and is really bad news for the scene, But hopefully another group will rise. Long live the scene

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    Why do they have to go? didnt understand wht he said ! can someone explain pleaase\!!1

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    Their just quitting when they are ahead. They got scared, and I don't blame them

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    i have to agree with nevin; it's a smart move on their part.. it's getting incredibily dangerous out there...

    It's also getting more and more troublesome to get our files... we all need to evaluate how much this stuff is worth to us... and at the least.. we all need to take precautions to avoid as many problems as we can

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    Thats why you need to use peer guardian while on kazaa...and a new P2P is out that claims to hide your IP and give you total anonymity, its called Earth Station 5 ,

    This is what they claimed to do

    "In what is certainly a bold and attention grabbing maneuver they’ve already “used it to stream the Matrix Reloaded over their high speed lines” to the amazement of over 11,000 viewers so far, and have plans for doing much more. “This network will include a world of features unheard of in present P2P’s”, continues Taylor, “as a matter of fact calling it a P2P may actually be too limiting, there’s so much more to it.” Upcoming versions are slated to include an Internet portal, a worldwide eBay type auction service, a sports gambling site and versions in twenty six different languages."

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