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Thread: Windows Xp Corporate Version

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    I downloaded this with the same result the problem is in a corrupted i386/ file. There should be a esent.dll there but there ain't in mine.

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    Get the corporate bin with sp1 591mb version on irc not that shitty version on kazaa which needs a keychanger to get updates. with the bin you'd just need daemon tools to install it if you can't figure out how to burn it. Go into lamsey's topic on the best version available in softwareworld(this area). it's on kazaa also but getting it off one person is the best way since it cuts down on corrupt files. mines works perfectly and installed beautifully. BTW everyone his post pretty much said it all, corrupt install shit inside software pretty much means you wont be able to install anbd need to download it a second time.

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    i found the one off kazaa was currupt with a few IMPORTANT files that people probably jus skipped, so i got XP Pro Corp Sp1 Intergrated off IRC in a Direct Download.. no pause/resume.. works awsome.


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