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Thread: How do i remove Norton

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    Hi lads How do i delete Norton symantec ? iv downloaded McAfee and want to get rid of norton..but wont let me when i try it comes up with this message ..the installer requires that microsoft windows installer be on your computer . without it you cannot install this symantec product. and thats when i go to add/remove programs and try to remove!
    Thanks in advance

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    You could try installing the microsoft windows installer software, assuming you are running XP

    Alternativly download and use the Norton removal tool from symantec
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    when you do delete Norton ...don'nt install mcafee ...instead use what the pro 's and hacker use Zone Alarm Pro...the compete Security for your computer

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    hahaha pro's and hackers only using a software firewall. good one.
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    zonealarm is so bloated though. It's also a memory/resource sucker.

    To get rid of norton, use the removal tool to completely get rid of it. Just uninstalling it won't get rid of it, as the registry and .dll's are all still there. Just google it or dig around on symantec's site.


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