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Thread: Where should i get a xbox 360 from?

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    mikeco's Avatar Rossco's Manager
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    Feb 2006
    iv been wanting a 360 for ages, nd now i want 1 for use over the summer.

    i been looking around for a while for best price nd iv seen:
    xbox 360 premium - at Game for £210 (i think it was £210 anyway)
    other deals at game where like 4 games was just under £300 i think kinda unsure what i saw but around them prices anyway.

    xbox 360 premium + 4 games + extra wireless remote for £300 - at
    big wtf at there website where they're selling the premium on its own for £280 so its like an extra £20 for 4 games and a remote, when u could sell all that for like £100

    xbox 360 premium - at amazon £260

    they're meant to be on sale for £280 well thats what iv seen the base price of it for around shops and also on the net.

    im planning on going to trafford centre on wednesday to go to Game there to see what the deals r and if they're the same deals as the Game which is nere my college.
    if its £210 then ill get 1 and get the games i want with it seporate.

    im still unsure what games to get as well.

    im wanting halo 2 from normal xbox (yea i know old but i wanna complete it and want to play it online till halo 3 is out)
    also want saint rows
    might get gears of wars as well since everyone thinks that games amazing
    what other games u guys recomend?

    wanting the VGA cable for the 360 but its £20 at shops and £10 from the internet, but if i get the console from a store insted of the internet then it means i got to wait a few days for it to get delivered so maybe worth getting it from the store at same time i dunno might see if they can do me a discount since im getting the console at same time.

    also gunna get a remote (just for the sake of it) they're only £5 off ebay its just 360 remote not the universal where u can control tv as well.

    but i wont be hooking it up to a TV will be hooking it up to my 20" WS TFT monitor

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    Busyman™'s Avatar Use Logic Or STFU!
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    Mar 2006
    I don't know about your prices but get it off the web if it's less.


    Gears Of War
    Lost Planet
    Condemned: Criminal Origins
    Viva Pinata
    Fight Night Round 3
    Call Of Duty 3
    Burnout Revenge

    that shoudl keep you occupied

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    suprafreak6's Avatar Suprafreak6 is Back!
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    Apr 2005
    hey tell me how it looks when you get it, im interested in buying a xbox 360 but im probably gonna play it on my new 22" widescreen tft mines HD also so that should be nice but im just wondering from someone who plays it on there already...

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    WHRST's Avatar immortalis BT Rep: +13BT Rep +13BT Rep +13
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    Nov 2005
    ...the future
    i am picking an xbox 360 from best buy tommorow

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    mikeco's Avatar Rossco's Manager
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    Feb 2006
    well i got the 360 on order (will get it saturday or monday after my maths exam depending what day it comes)

    i got a package where the 360 premium came with WWE for £230.
    where as the 360 premium on its own is £280. so im already saving money there

    and i got saints row and halo 2 to go with it which comes to a total of £260

    then ordered the VGA cable off ebay for £9.

    im going to sell the WWE game to a game store in my college's town on the tuesday if they're willing to buy it (they said they didnt need it at the moment as they had a 2nd hand 1 in stock but would offer £20 for it)

    so once i sell that for £20 then it would of cost me £250 total.

    im happy, but in a month after i get it ill have to pay £35 for 12 months of xbox live so its £285 with that added on but still a good deal for all of what im getting


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