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Thread: 22" Acer monitor @ Best Buy for $189...

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    I don't know if this is regional or not, I'm in Minneapolis. I picked up the Sunday paper on my front step this morning and started looking for those great memorial day deals that always come about.

    Best Buy is selling a 22" Acer for $189 (down from original price of $320)... $200 and some change after taxes. Just thought I'd throw it out there if anyone is around this area looking for a great deal on a 22". Offer ends tomorrow I believe.

    I'm actually typing this out on the new monitor and I must say that it is a nice improvement from my 19" Viewsonic... and it's super bright!

    I thought about posting this in the "Great Deals on Hardware" thread but it's only going on for 2 days and I wanted people to notice. Otherwise it can be moved...
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    ...the future

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    DAMN IT! i just bought a 22" moniter for 199 yesterday...and its not acer...but its some company called hyvision, looked at some previews in store and it was nice and i got it...

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    Grabbed one of these. It's not such a great deal though. There was a 20" Monitor at Circuit City for 149.99 AR.


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