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Thread: What Was The First Concert You Went To?

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    THe Family Values Tour with Staind, Primus, Filter, Wu Tang Clan, & Limp Bizkit, in Tacoma, Wa. Pretty O.k for a first concert.

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    Beastie Boys in '95 at the Omni in Atl, GA. I was 14 and I'll never forget it. We had 4th row seats, but as soon as Beastie Boys took the stage the entire lower level rushed onto the floor, security guards couldn't do anything but move out of the way. So I was able to enjoy my first concert gettin' crazy with everyone else on the floor at the Omni

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    1981 with a very young looking The Cure as one of the bands in a park for a free concert in Groningen.
    My first to go to buying a ticket was in 1984 Big Country. Great concert, their guitar-sound was on stage even better than on record.

    RIP Stuart Adamson.
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    kittie and mudvayne. kittie was good but i'm not really into mudvayne. my favorite though was the last i went to which was a glassjaw concert.

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    Blacklight Sunshine its a local band they were awesome

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    The Wonderstuff in 91ish. They were pretty good. James were better a few months later. Any children of the 90's out there?

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    Well there's some pretty embarassing stuff on here but I can top it all. My first concert was Meatloaf in 95. What I remember besides the amount of swearing he did was how much the opener Cheap Trick blew him away.

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    Bon Jovi at Wembley, 2000.

    Kicked severe ass.

    Openers were the Dum Dums (great) and Toploader (bunch of tossers).

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    my first few dont count as i was about 15 in the pub/clubs, listening to the local talent. my first real one was "van morrison", then "wonderstuff" with "gigalo aunts". cant remember what came next as ive been to so many concerts and gigs, they mingle into each other. last few were, "evan dando", "mustard plug", "flogging molly", "lagwagon" and "greenday"......again. seen a hell of a lot of bands.

    /me thinks about writing a list of them all. now theres a challege.
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    the wildhearts and love/hate, i was only 16 at the time and it was great the bass player from love/hate broke hes arm by stage diving!!!

    The Wildhearts was your first gig? You lucky chap! The downside is of course that you will never see a better concert. They're back though!
    BTW mine was Killing Joke in Reading UK in 85. First and maybe best, though I did get to see Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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