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Thread: Seedbox, leeware, utorrent HEELP!!

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    May 2007
    Just got a leeware sdbx. For about a day, U/L fine....around 65-70/s. then at the end of the day, after i uploading 1 gb. it plummeted. 1 or 2 kb/s....even 0 kb/s and thats where its been. utorrent has an error message, " [07:26:00] Unable to map UPnP Port."

    sometimes green light is on...sometimes its yellow....most times its yellow. The torrent has 600 seeds....about 60 leecers now, with an availability of about 1.5, yesterday, 24hours ago, availability was 2.25, and had 900 seeds and about 100 leech.

    Any ideas?

    Thanx m8's....

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    turn the UPnP port Mapping off -> Preferences/Connections


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