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Thread: Multiple Police Raids Take Down BitTorrent Tracker

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    "German police searched several locations this week in their efforts to close down a BitTorrent tracker they claim was involved in the distribution of movies and other copyrighted material, including a pre-released computer game."

    (Late News May 27, 2007)--The GVU (German Federation Against Copyright Theft) made claims that movies and software were being traded which led to police raids in over 10 locations in Germany. A 38 year old man was found and is now believed to be an administrator to an online tracker which remains unnamed.

    TorrentFreak reports that an earlier interview with GVU’s Diane Gross says that "We do have paid informants in the warez scene” and that “It is even legal to provide those groups with ['pirated'] material, however, we are not disclosing details of this particular case.”

    Source: TorrentFreak
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