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Thread: Error Message At Startup

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    this viris is only using the system32 command console to run commands on your computer like to creat files...i had this same viris, i just updated my Pc-cillin and it was all fixed =)

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    If you do a search here: Symantec Search for "system32.exe" you may be able to find a virus that does the same stuff that is happening to you. There are many viruses that use that filename, otherwise I could give you a specific site...

    You can also try RAV Antivirus...just download the free trial (it's fully functional), or do the online scan...i recommend download the trial, works really well..

    Install it, and then boot to safe mode and scan your computer...after that you should be good to go...if not, then just keep doing some searching with Symantec or other virus protection related sites


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